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About Us

Lou Con Inc.'s background is firmly rooted in the industrial traditions of the south eastern United States. The company was founded in 1959 in New Orleans, and began with a modest industrial property maintenance service. Over time, we have expanded services to include industrial facility construction and management. Today, Lou Con Inc. regularly provides mechanical construction and service for factories, institutions and other facilities over one hundred miles beyond the New Orleans city limits. We have also gone on to serve international clients in Russia, China and South America, and have been proud participants in the maintenance of NASA's space shuttle program facility for approximately two decades.

The key to our success both abroad and in our home city of New Orleans is our commitment to quality at all levels. Our specialists maintain a discipline of continuous education that allows them to apply cutting edge technical innovation to all aspects of production and maintenance. This also allows Lou Con Inc. to provide customized operating equipment to the plants, factories, and municipal systems we service. The second element of our success is our insistence upon top-quality materials and workmanship. It is these founding pillars of our process that have made Lou Con Inc. a versatile enterprise that is trusted by international corporations as well as our nation's most esteemed scientific research facilities such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Whether you are a local New Orleans municipal division in need of durable, cost-effective infrastructural solutions, or a private industry seeking logistical assistance and schematic implementation, we provide a guaranteed return on your investment. On our website, visitors are invited to view project samples and learn more about our process. Visitors who take the time to view samples and consult with us will have a better understanding of how we can realize their objectives and make their dreams a reality. At Lou Con Inc., we build for industry.

About Us

Lou Con Inc. provides New Orleans and surrounding area with and many other services. We specialize in residential HVAC services and commercial HVAC services to customers.

Why Call a Pro?

Our technicians look at the air tightness, insulation, ductwork, and equipment in every New Orleans area home and design a customized solution that improves airflow, air quality, overall comfort, and lowers utility bills.