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New Orleans Industrial Contracting

At Lou Con Inc., we build for industry. Throughout five decades of providing the mechanical construction and service needs of both private and pubic sectors in New Orleans and the surrounding regions, we have always maintained a service standard that surpasses the industrial construction and maintenance industry norm. A partial list of Lou Con Inc.'s services includes, but is not limited to, the maintenance and construction of:

In addition, Lou Con Inc. performs code compliance inspections, general contracting and consulting, specialty welding, cryogenic piping, and other mechanical services on an as-needed basis. While the majority of our clients are located in the New Orleans area, we routinely undertake projects over a hundred miles in all directions. We have also contracted for special international projects in China, Russia, South America and other locations on a case by case basis. What makes Lou Con Inc. so adaptive to clients' needs is our expertise in all areas of mechanical, industrial and institutional construction and maintenance. Our accomplished mechanical engineers and specialists fine-tune and customize machinery, parts and general systems in order meet client needs. And because we are a small to mid-sized firm, Lou Con Inc. is able to give more detailed attention to each client.

While it may seem that only specialized industries have need of specialized mechanical and industrial construction, there exists a great diversity in both the applied technology and the clients who request our services. Due to the varied nature of the work we perform, we suggest that prospective clients contact us directly to schedule a consultation regarding their needs. Whether our clients are New Orleans based or from the far-flung regions of the east or south america, we can help them achieve their goals.