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New Orleans Specialities

Since its inception in 1959, Lou Con Inc. has been known in New Orleans as well as the entire state of Louisiana for its high standards. Whether serving the local municipalities of our home state, or augmenting the industrial infrastructure of China, Russia, and South America, the top-notch construction and maintenance of corporate and governmental institutions and processing facilities is our hallmark. In addition to the general construction of such facilities, Lou Con Inc. also offers three unique services which enable us to provide for our client’s special needs:

As New Orleans architecture becomes more innovative, it creates needs at the structural level as well as the design and equipment levels. The demand for specialty welding, speciality equipment installation and cryogenic piping has increased greatly in the last decade. Lou Con Inc. has once again remained a cut above the competition by excelling in these innovative techniques, and we see to it that our clients’ needs are met. For instance, specialty welding requests may range from stainless steel to custom metal fabrications in small or large quantities to hardfacing, wearfacing,or any type of custom component welding.

When the scientific institutions of New Orleans require our services, they often request the custom cryogenic piping that is our prized specialty. Thermodynamic engineering was introduced to Lou Con Inc. over 20 years ago. Our most prominent client at the time, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), required our services in order to safely and efficiently preserve and inject rocket fuel into their space crafts. The principle and techniques of cryogenic piping, however, is not limited to highly delicate space-age machinery. They can be equally effective for scientific research institutions in which the preservation of biological testing material is imperative. Ultimately, the versatility of our specialty welding, equipment installation, and cryogenic piping allows us to serve a broad range of clientele.

Commercial HVAC Service

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